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Camping at Gebel Barkal, Sudan Mursi tribe in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia Hiking the Romsdalseggen, Norway

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Your Next Shoestring Destination – a data-driven travel guide

In my first job out of university I shared an office with an affable Canadian guy who would use his lunch hour to browse cheap flights online and pick his next weekend city break. He was amazed that living in Europe you could be sipping local beer in the medieval square of any number of Continue Reading »

Your Next Intrepid Destination – a data-driven travel guide

Sitting at my desk today, I cast my gaze over the muted rain-soaked cityscape before me and felt an aching longing in my bones. I dreamed of places full of light and fragrant breezes where travellers can live like shanty kings in ramshackle huts and enjoy the simple rustic food of the land. But that’s Continue Reading »

Nature finds a way to the Ngorongoro Crater

It’s devastating but let’s face the facts. The half-life of DNA is around 600 years. This means that every 600 years, half of any given sample of DNA and the genetic information that it contains is destroyed. This in turn means that it would take around 7 million years for pretty much all the bonds Continue Reading »

Go with the flow at the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

“Oh no, we’re not taking the boats out today. There’s too much ice.” Really? Too much ice in the Ice Lagoon in Iceland? Would that be like too much sand in the Sahara or too many tea leaves in China? We came to see the f*cking ice. I didn’t say this out loud of course. Continue Reading »