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Hiking the Romsdalseggen, Norway Camping at Gebel Barkal, Sudan Mursi tribe in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia

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Baha’i House of Worship

A smiling woman with short curly braids and wearing a brightly patterned dress stood facing backwards towards the congregation. She carefully directed the choir in the two pews in front of her with her thick forearms. Women sat in the front row, while men sat in the back row singing the bass part. The melody Continue Reading »

New office in Kampala

I am sitting at my new desk in a small lightly painted office under the lee of palms and mango trees from the compound next door. Two chickens are clucking around the open doorway in the bright sunshine. I share this office with Lorna and the office administrator. My brow is beaded with sweat; it Continue Reading »

Orkney Road Trip: The Italian Chapel

Call it the Bader Meinhoff complex, fate, or coincidence, but in the few weeks leading up to our Orkney trip, I noticed numerous stories and articles online about an Italian Chapel on Lamb Holm. The chapel’s existence was news to me. It lies only a few hundred yards off the road to the main island; Continue Reading »

Arrival in Kampala

Long-term lists, short-term lists. Ticking items off lists. Contracts to be signed, contracts to be terminated. Fees paid repeatedly. Unexpected expenses. Unanticipated purchases. Phone calls, interviews. Calendars consulted and dates agreed upon. Vaccinations. Different categories of possessions packed and moved to storage and to various homes. Multiple goodbyes and send offs. Packing away lives, packing Continue Reading »